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So Greene is a waste management company based in Chertsey that collects many types of waste from London and the surrounding areas. The site was created with ease of use in mind, allowing customers to select services and receive quotes. The site is mobile optimized and has a modern feel with use of light colours matching their brand. A lot of custom scale-able vector imagery was used to illustrate the services on the site to keep a consistent theme.

Little Bites Café

Little Bites is a website inspired by nature, focusing around a cafe to display their menu and allow customers to make reservations. Its simple use of pastal colours and flora imagery along with high quality imagery allows the visitor to enjoy they're experience as they scroll through the site. This site uses animation to enhance the brand and give it a mordern feel and is optimized for a simular viewing experience over all platforms.

Cozy Critters

The concept for this veterinary website involved envisioning it against a serene backdrop, emphasizing straightforward and concise messaging, user-friendly navigation, and prominent calls to action. The primary objective was to incorporate a booking system for added convenience for customers.

Infinite Mover

This logistics industry website was created following a bold colour scheme, focusing on clear and concise messaging, easy to navigate and with obvious calls to action. With the introduction of Advanced forms, this could be an easy way to streamline what your customer is trying to order.

Ocean Cleanup

Ocean Cleanup has a friendly approach, with lots of round imagery and a fixed video used on the background to illustrate the need to clean up the ocean. The moving waves crashing into the shore tells the user exactly what it is trying to change on first load. They are then instructed to view a video or book to help assist in the call to actions, getting the user involved from the get go.

Legalledge Solicitors

Legalledge Solicitors is heavily inspired by the corporate landscape, with shades of purple used in a sharp cutting edge design it gives the user confidence that they are seeking legal advise in the right place. With Simple calls to action on their banner, they are able to quickly address what the user is prone to navigate too, seperating parts of the business.

Nourish & Thrive

This design follows a more professional standard with focal imagery and easy calls to action, everything a user needs to easily navigate a website in this industry. A use of simple but sharp colours enables the user to get a feel for consistent theming whilst looking throughout the site.

Twinkletopia Market

This is a bright, sophisticated design to house products for a highstreet store that deals in antiques. It is designed for both mobile and desktop with ease of use in mind and simple navigation.